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Company Introduction:Golden Asia Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of honing seamless tubes and hard chromium piston rod for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder and guide rods for automated machinery. With its products marketing across the world, Golden Asia was accredited with SGS ISO 9001 certification in 2001. The company also expanded a second Gold Asia plant at the cost of US$7 million in 2004,and, we were accredited with UKAS ISO 14001:2004 certification in environmental management in 2007. Upholding a refinement approach to stringently safeguard its quality management, Golden Asia prides itself in presenting the best quality service to the automation industry. It is fully convinced that outstanding quality is the best guarantee for marketing the company’s products across the world. Our quality policy: Stabilize Production, Aspire after Quality Golden Asia is a true believer that only through continual quality enhancement can a manufacturer manage to save cost, excel its competitiveness and create a great margin of profitability. Since its establishment, Golden Asia has adhered to the operating concepts of sincerity, specialty, and service. It also keeps innovating to meet the market demand. Golden Asia operates its production processes in a manner which accords with environmental good practice and legislative compliance. Its environmental policies include abiding by regulations, participating from all members, preventing contamination and making environmental protection operative. All for leaving future generations with a planet that is healthy and inhabitable for sustainable development. Looking out to the future, the company is committed to integrate upstream and downstream suppliers for joint research and development in order to excel quality, delivery, and a more competitive pricing, fuel the company and its valued customers with a win-win situation and a greater profit niche.

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